The challenge was designing a home for this special family, to make it big enough that the kids won’t outgrow, and enough to house the grandmothers from both sides who are living amongst them. Providing everybody with their own privacy was key and also managing to have common areas for them all to spend some time together. But the challenge was quickly worked out because at Hamec were all about family and creating spaces where you can share moments with them. We say don’t settle for the “home and land package” because living in the suburbs can be a real “Australian dream” we built this home specific for this family’s needs.

Affordable, intimate, simple and beautiful. Features the pool on the open deck alfresco for the summers and the crackle of the fireplace for the winters while watching favourite films and playing board games. A home is where memories with your loved ones are made, and our aim is to make that home better for every Australia.

Also with generous sized bedrooms, we found that providing each room with either a shared or its own ensuite added a great convenience and privacy element to each member of the family, young or old.

Its exterior boasts with an effortless natural style, the modern aesthetic mix’s the old and the new, just like the members in the family, with clean, elegant lines of the industrious brick and render, complimented by the timber teak frames, decking and eaves. Leading you into a warm informal interior imbued with personality.

Design and 3D model by Hamec