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More than Architecture, we're partners on your journey

Regardless if you're building a new home, granny flat or renovating your existing property, HAMEC is your best chance of making your dream a reality. The construction process in New South Wales can be very complicated. HAMEC is a Sydney Based Architecture firm who know the construction industry inside out; and our team comprises of passionate and experienced home builders, engineers and architects.

HAMEC is different

Builders and contractors specialise in their field - HAMEC specialises in helping clients through the construction journey, from start to construction. We understand how complex the whole process is and the lack of support available to Australian home owners and developers building.

Experienced and Qualified

Our experience means your project can take full advantage of our teams education and experience - you'll be looking for suggestions and new ways of utilising space and light, assistance with ideas for materials, finishes and fittings, finding the right builder, and creating design solutions to reduce your running costs while maximising energy efficiency.

Help in Maximising Potential

HAMEC will ensure you maximise the potential of your renovation or building project, by guiding you through the design and construction process in this manner.

They provide a service that extends well beyond a set of drawings: they can stimulate your imagination, help your peace of mind, stretch your resources, administer contracts and keep everything on track, on time and on budget.

Here's a quick summary on the process, but if you're looking for an easy to understand but comprehensive guide on construction in New South Wales, read our article on the Building Process.

Council Rules

Explore the opportunities that are available on your property with HAMEC


Bring your ideas in to the real world through concepts, 3D Visuals and architectural drawings with HAMEC


Our architectural plans are professional, compliant and designed for perfection.


Submitted with confidence. We know your Council's requirements.

Our Approach

It's important to decide on your architect quite early on the process. At HAMEC, we've grown rapidly through our willingness to guide our clients through the whole process, even after the plans are submitted. This guidance will give you much more confidence during the project.

We treat each client like a Partnership

Working with HAMEC is a partnership, and the sooner you establish that partnership the better the relationship you’ll both have to deliver your dream home, granny flat or renovation.

I'm not sure what I really want to do

Not sure if you really want to go ahead with your project? Before making that decision, take advantage of our free consultation which can help you right from the early stages when you're not even sure if you should renovate, detonate and rebuild or simply move.


HAMEC will help you determine if your budget is realistic and if your ideas are achievable within your local Council and other regulations such as Local Environment Plans and SEPP. We'll help you define your project, carry out site analysis and provide a variety of other pre-design services before you even start looking at concepts.

Mr. Sam Dennawi


We understand the hardships most people face when building in New South Wales. We go above and beyond what an architectural firm would normally offer and aspire to become partners with you on your journey.

Our Services

HAMEC can take you all the way from drawings to completion day. They can oversee the design, assist with the approvals process, co-ordinate with your builder and help keep track of your budget. At each stage, HAMEC provides the services and support for your project.

Concept design

Sitting with you and all stakeholders, your HAMEC team will ask a number of questions to help us get a real feel for your needs so that together a clear brief can be established with a realistic budget. This requirements gathering session really helps reduce your overall design costs and helps ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget by identifying and reducing any potential issues early on.

After this point, the initial concept work can begins. This is where your HAMEC team prepares early design concepts which start bringing to life your ideas. Your floorplan and layout are designed at this stage, the position of the building or renovation is also shown on top of your site plan so you can understand the way the building responds to things like sunlight and breezes.

Town planning & development application

Most projects will require approval from your Local Council and will be submitted as an Development Application (DA). HAMEC take care of all your plans and drawings required for this approval process to begin, including preparing the application forms and submitting them to the local council. If required, HAMEC also act on your behalf during negotiations with the other statutory bodies such as Sydney Water.

Design Refinement

HAMEC will work closely with you to refine the design to ensure it fits your dream, maximises your investment and ensures cost effectiveness and value. At this stage, we'll work closely wih you in determining the finishes of your materials (this is the fun part of the project where you choose colours, textures and materials), resolving outstanding regulatory issues with Council and other bodies, and working with our partner network (if needed) of specialist structural engineers to ensure the building meets Australia's building regulations.

Construction documentation

Formal documentation in the form of Architectural, Structural and Service plans are then prepared by HAMEC, depending on your project and scope - you may only want HAMEC to undertake the Architectural drawings within your project. We will also lead you through the process in regards to the building permit, often called the Construction Certificate.

Contractor/builder selection

At this point, HAMEC provide guidance to you on selecting a builder if required. Our time in the industry has allowed us to build strong relationships with a select number of builders who we would gladly recommend for your project if required.

Contract administration

We believe in providing service beyond our core service offering in the interests and peace of mind of our clients - feel free to involve HAMEC in discussions with yourself and the Builder when you need a trusted advisor to help assess the quality of work at key stages and ensure that contract and specifications are complied with. HAMEC will keep you informed of progress, approve variations, certify progress payments, identify defects and ensure they are rectified, and generally oversee the construction through to successful completion if required.

What people say about us?

The building of our new home has been a truly wonderful experience. Everything was very professional and trouble free... thank you very much for our beautiful new home...

Sophie Jang

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